To Mint Your Fighter Or Copy In Your Wallet Browser

To Mint Your Fighter Or Copy In Your Wallet Browser


Q1. How can I buy EternalFlow token?
Please refer to the great YouTube video you can find on our website!


Q2. How do you plan on keep transactions volume high?
In order to keep a healthy daily volume of transactions, we are looking to create an NFT-based video game rewarding NFTs to players, which will be tradable with our token on our NFT marketplace platform. In addition, we are going to build utilities to allow holders to select the token they wish to receive as a reward of holding EFT, hoping to boost volume even further!


Q3. When can I expect to hear more about the NFT-based game?
We will start interviewing potential game developers during Q2 2022, and brainstorm on different avenues we could take for our game. We will start designing the game in Q3 2022 with a target release date in Q4 2022. We will share our ideas with the community on our Telegram channel and will listen to the feedback we will received.


Q4. What will make your NFT-based game different from the rest of the games developed by other projects?
One of the advantage of seeing other games starting in the market before ours was to provide us with a valuable insight on their achievements and the mistakes made. Our initial research has given us a great understanding into how we expect the market to react to our future product, and we believe that the genre and storyline we currently plan on using, coupled with the NFT buying and lending mechanisms for artifacts that the main character will need to complete different tasks, will be positively received by the community. Additionally, we have identified a successful play-to-earn tool that we plan to integrate into the game and which we believe will positively drive volumes as well as quick adoption.


Q5. When can I expect to hear about the Reflection Pool Utility?
We will start working on the design of the reflection pool during Q2 2022, developing it during Q3 2022 with a target release in Q4 2022.


Q6. Why after a huge price hike (also known as “pumping”) do I usually see a big drop in price (also known as “tanking”) and should I be worried about it?
In short – no, you should not be worried about it. Using traditional financial terms, this phenomenon is due to the “clientele effect”. Every investment attracts certain types of clientele which have different risk appetite and return preferences – either via equity (short term and quick, the value of the token rising) or via cash (long term, regular payouts of ETH rewards).
Some traditional clients, the ones not yet accustomed to reward tokens who want to minimize their risk, have specific equity gain goals, similar to traditional stocks, and are waiting for the token to reach a certain price before selling their holdings, which will drive the price down.
We are always happy to help those investors reach their goals and we are grateful for their participation but it may send the wrong signals to the rest of the investors and cause a panic sale, while in fact this should be seen a sign of the token performing well!
Other type of investors who joined for equity gain and for the rewards will be purchasing more token due to the price drop, consequently making the price stabilize shortly after the sell-off.

Additionally, due to the increase in volume caused by the sales, you will see your rewards increase during every period of “pumping” and “tanking”.


Q7. Has EternalFlow been audited ?
EternalFlow’s goal is to achieve Certik and Bitrise audits in Phase 1 of the roadmap. Security is a fundamental isssue for every project, and our goal is to ensure audits are completed with priority.

As such, we have a completed an audit that was issued by Contract Checker. They were recommended by PinkSale as a worthy audit platform and our contract has passed their extensive review. A link to the result can be found here and is also posted on our website. We are currently reviewing the application for Certik, Techrate, and Bitrise audits.