To Mint Your Fighter Or Copy In Your Wallet Browser

To Mint Your Fighter Or Copy In Your Wallet Browser

About Us

At EFT Technologies, our team consists of members coming from a range of different backgrounds: project management, product development, marketing, programming, analytics and much more. Many of us started this adventure following failed projects that we believe lacked leadership, transparency or true value for their community members.
This is when we saw an opportunity to build something truly professional and productive – it was the catalyst that called for us to cultivate the EternalFlow ecosystem. We all share a strong desire to create a project that thrives on honesty, efficiency, and utility.

EFT’s core values and our strategic business model have been instrumental to the success of the project – our communal passions for innovation and purpose have enabled us to manufacture a powerful reward based ecosystem centered around EFT.

We have developed this innovative approach to reward tokens by focusing on large and consistent dividend payouts for our holders, funded through the volume generated by the P2E game revenues.

As we continue to expand our company and community, we will ensure that the core values of EFT remain prevalent. We will always be here for our holders and the individuals that support our goals and company.

Thank you for taking the time to consider our project and community!

Eternalflow team








Web Development


Implementation Specialist and Corporate Council


Bot and Automation Specialist


Outreach and Customer Engagement Specialist


Merchandising Specialist


Customer Experience Analyst


Customer Experience Analyst